Atlet equipment is well know for its durability and high build-quality. Now the Swedish firm is making stress the enemy…

The new generation Tergo reach trucks focus on how to minimise operator fatigue and stress and are designed to be the most ergonomic trucks on the market.

Designed around the operator – by the operators

To enhance productivity, the operator environment of the new Atlet Tergo reach trucks is entirely designed around the operator. It’s a complete ergonomic concept including a wide range of personal adjustments and innovations, allowing a strain-free, variable and inviting working environment.

The product development also included a large commitment from the users.

“Our aim was to design the world’s most personal truck. By involving the users from the very beginning of the project and then continuously soliciting their input, the operators had a profound impact on the final result”, says Atlet’s Product Development Manager Dan Ulmestrand.

Ergonomics have been an Atlet hallmark since the early 1990s. Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg carried out a comparative ergonomic evaluation study. “The study compared the new Atlet Tergo with reach trucks from three other makes and showed that the Tergo offered more ergonomic working postures than the other reach trucks”, says Dan Ulmestrand. “And of course, we are very pleased our hard work keeps paying off.”

 Expanded truck range for expanding markets

“Our goal is to take a stronger position within the market for warehouse trucks, and this launch of the new Tergo reach truck is securing our position as one of the leading suppliers of high performing quality trucks”, says Keiji Ikeda, CEO at Atlet.

In Europe, reach trucks form the main force in most internal material handling operations – not least within food distribution.  The new Tergo range is extended in both ends to meet the needs from a wide range of users.

“In Europe we meet the demands from intensive food distribution to stack higher, heavier and faster, as well as the requirements from new fast growing businesses in Eastern Europe who require a more basic reach truck but still with focus on the operator and the productivity”, says Bengt Kristiansson Vice President Sales & Marketing at Atlet.