Large corporations, with extensive forklift fleets, might expect their equipment to be upgraded, tweaked and specified exactly as they want it, thanks to their considerable buying power.

That may be true, but now the attention to detail is also passing down to individual businesses, and even those looking at refurbished equipment.

Windsor Materials Handling is offering to add a splash of colour to the lives of its customers with individual paint jobs in the colours of their choosing.

In addition to a high quality refurbishment and tough, productive truck, the customer can present their corporate colours to the outside world, something that is of particular interest to businesses operating trucks in public areas.

One such company is the Grass Centre, a family run business offering a professional artificial grass service to the landscaping industry and domestic customers. Their latest diesel Komatsu forklift carries a carpet boom attachment for dealing with the rolls of artificial grass at their Washington headquarters. It’s also a distinctive shade of green!
Windsor’s Gemma Kitching explained that the colour scheme was achieved by going back to the customer and taking a sample for matching.

“We work hard deliver a truck that looks and operates as good as new,” says Gemma, “and if the customer wants a shade of green, blue or purple, we’re happy to oblige!”

Life Engineering is another local business that’s gone green with its own paint job. A long-time customer of Windsor, a recent relocation led to a new truck being required, delivered good as new in the company’s own distinctive colours.

Adds Gemma: “It’s one of the advantages of dealing with a supplier like us that has a small local business approach, but is part of a national company.”