Next Day delivery may be a thing of the past if Amazon make their new futuristic bug a same day reality…

The autonomous octocopters can carry orders from warehouses, straight to customer’s doorsteps, maybe within 30 minutes of ordering.

Yet although the idea of same day delivery is a fascinating one Amazon seem to be overlooking numerous obstacles in the way of their revolutionary robot; the weather, aviation regulations, too many drones being in the air, to name a few, all of which will affect the bugs’ delivery service.

Although the drone concept is an interesting one for those eager for fast delivery, the truth is that it’s a long way off becoming a reality. Perhaps more realistically, developments like eBay Now and ‘anticipatory shipping’ could be the real future.

Amazon recently revealed that they have obtained a patent for their “anticipatory shipping” system, shipping products before customers even order them by looking at the information they have gathered from purchasing trends. eBay meanwhile are well advanced with local deliveries in the US within 1-2 hours.

However what is clear is that, as technology advances, delivery is increasingly becoming a way for retailers to stand out from their competitors.