atlet-tergo-uhxThere was a time when lifting to 10m was the limit for most reach trucks in the warehouse. Not any more.

Today reach trucks not only have the stability to raise a tonne up to 12.75 metres but are capable of lifting beyond 13 metres as well. This increase in lift height and capacity in a wide aisle storage solution enables an additional level of storage to be added where roof clearance allows.

The Atlet Tergo UHX was the first reach truck to offer this level of performance. The benefits of such a high reach truck doesn’t just mean storing more at greater heights, it also means the freedom to put away heavy pallets at higher levels, not simply at floor locations.

The associated time and cost savings can also mean the need for relocation is lessened. “Reconfiguring your facilities to make better use of the height you already have avoids the expense and inconvenience of extending, moving elsewhere or building new facilities,” says Atlet.