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Small Capacity: Up to 3.5 tonnes



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With Komatsu’s commitment to quality, reliability, safety and the environment the company is rightly proudly of this diesel range. It features low emission engines, unique cab suspension and the unique KAPS power steering system.

Komatsu is a market leading, diversified provider of industrial-use products and services ranging from construction & mining equipment, forestry machinery to forklift trucks.

By upholding “Quality and Reliability” as the most important management policy, Komatsu is resolutely committed to providing safe, innovative products and services that best meet the needs and expectations of its customers around the world.

Selecting the correct forklift truck can be a difficult and arduous task. At Windsor, special attention is given to each individual customer’s needs and application to ensure that the truck specification meets, if not exceeds, every customer’s requirements. [/block_grid_item] [/block_grid]

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