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Large Capacity: 5.0 to 9.0 tonnes

We also have a complete diesel range of Kalmar engine trucks available up to 52 tonnes.

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The counterbalanced ECG50-90 forklift boasts features that significantly reduce the cost of ownership whilst improving safety and environmental performance.

Electric forklift trucks were traditionally used for lightweight applications. Now Kalmar rewrites the electric forklift landscape with a heavy-duty electric forklift truck.

The electric forklift truck features several energy-saving driving modes, and together with the changes made to the electrical and hydraulic systems, up to 15 percent lower energy consumption can be reached compared to Kalmar’s previous electric forklift model.

Service personnel can finish their job quickly thanks to simplified maintenance and a market-leading diagnostic system. One type of battery hatch fits all needs and is easily handled by the operator. The protective hatch is included as standard and enables easy service of the battery.

Lower total costs of operation

“At Kalmar, we have put in all our decades-long experience as a provider of heavy trucks when designing this electric machine. The result is an electric truck with a high performance that matches our powerful diesel trucks, while being quiet and completely free from emissions and vibrations,” says Thomas Malmborg, Vice President, Forklift Trucks.

“According to calculations, is it possible to reduce operating costs by up to 75 percent every year from energy savings alone compared to an equivalent diesel truck. With higher lifetime availability and lower maintenance costs, it’s a winning concept in the long run,” Malmborg says.