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Small Capacity: Below 3.0 tonnes

Over 100 Doosan models are available in the UK, from 1.5 to 25 tonnes capacity. Building rugged, reliable, yet simple to operate trucks has allowed them to become one of the leading provider of forklifts in the UK.[/block_grid_item] [block_grid_item]

Medium Capacity: 3.0 to 5.5 tonnes

Doosan has a comprehensive range of medium capacity forklifts. Oil cooled disk brakes, integral sideshift and high performance engines are just a few of their signature features.
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Large Capacity: 6 tonnes & above

Doosan large capacity forklifts are firm favourites with big truck users and other no-nonsense businesses. Doosan’s big trucks are tough and reliable, yet simple to operate and economical to run.

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Doosan is the world’s leading value forklift brand and was launched in 2005 following the purchase of a 51 percent controlling share in Daewoo Heavy Industries & Machinery by Korean construction giant, Doosan.

Since then the company has experienced record growth in the UK and continues to build on its reputation for simple, powerful products designed for the UK and European markets.

Selecting the correct forklift truck can be a difficult and arduous task. At Windsor Materials Handling special attention is given to each individual customer’s needs and application to ensure that the truck specification meets, if not exceeds, every customer’s requirements.