Unicarriers TERGO UHX

• The UHX 200 offers outstanding operational capability in almost any intense multi-shift warehouse material handling task.
• When the highest levels of uptime and excellent stacking performance is required, the UniCarriers UHX 200 is the natural choice.

• Studies prove that the symmetrical working posture results in less strain in the shoulder and neck area.
• The tilting backrest, adjustable floor, left arm-rest and steering wheel position all contribute to a better working environment.
• The right and left arm-rests are adjustable to suit each operator.
• Adjustable floor: The operator can lower or raise the floor by up to 70mm, for a perfect driving position.
• A generous roof height and spacious cabin add to the operator’s sense of well-being.

• Intuitive dashboard and control interface: Instrument layout and controls are perfectly positioned, angled towards the operator.
• All important operator information are clearly displayed, whilst the unique mini steering wheel reduces strain on the arm, neck and shoulders.
• Automotive pedal design: The control pedals follow the same logic as in a car – speed to the right and braking in the middle.
• When the truck stands still, the parking brake is automatically activated.

• S3 Stability Support System: ensures industry-leading safety performance, maintaining driving stability in a wide range of situations.
• When handling loads at high levels system adapts the mast tilt and reach speed for greater stability & safety.
• Dynamic Cornering Control: DCC allows higher cornering speed, but if the operator needs to avoid an obstacle, the truck automatically reduces speed for continued high level of safety.

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