Introducing a new pair of high level order pickers from Unicarriers

With the EPM 100 and the EPH 125, UniCarriers is launching two more models from its completely revised picking range into the market.

These new machines complete the order picker family, including a new EPL 100 introduced in January 2016.

With solutions for low, medium and extra high pick heights, productivity in today’s fast order and overnight delivery sectors can remain high.

Thanks also to their ergonomic driver cabs and advanced safety systems, the order pickers present an ideal workstation for efficient picking processes.

Equipped with 48-volt, high-performance motors and pick heights up to 12,100 mm, the EPH is the perfect solution for intensive operations.


This truck can operate with loads up to 1,250 kg and achieves a top speed of 12 km/h. Designed for picking heights up to 9,850 mm, the 24V EPM can reach a maximum speed of 11 km/h while carrying a load of 1,000 kg.

These new order pickers feature a stable, completely re-designed chassis. The modern cab design includes controls that can be adjusted to the height and position of each driver’s individual requirements.

The EPM and EPH are optionally available with operating controls on both the mast and fork sides to ensure maximum productivity and ergonomic design.

For safety reasons, the order pickers may only move if there is a driver in the cab – all models are fitted with a full floor covering sensor on the driver’s cab platform. There’s also no need to activate a hand or foot pedal to start the vehicle.

By being free to stand comfortably, operators are not restricted to a position dictated by having to depress a deadman button. At higher stack levels, the user is protected by the side guard gates, which must be closed from a height of 1.2 metres. If not, the machine will not function.

Featured as standard, the built-in on-board computer provides rapid access to all vehicle settings and manages the authorised drivers’ login details and user profiles.