Experience quality with the affordability:

  • Clean in small, congested areas in one pass with the T2’s compact, easy-to-manoeuvre design
  • Experience Tennant quality cleaning performance while maintaining your budget
  • Scrub any time, anywhere with quiet 68 dBA sound level

Key machine features of the T2 Battery-Powered Walk Behind Scrubber-Dryer:

  • 17 in/ 43 cm cleaning path with Pad Assist that helps move the scrubber-dryer forwards and can decrease operator fatigue
  • 50 lb/ 23 kg of downward pressure and 230 rpm brush speed, delivered through a 1.0 hp / 0.75 kW brush motor provides powerful cleaning
  • Hygenic® solution and recovery tanks are easy to clean, which can reduce scrubber-dryer tank mould, bacteria and odours