SMV’s new truck series offers a complete line-up of container trucks for empty and laden containers, as well as for RoRo handling. Few competitors can match its range of specialised trucks – from convenient empty container trucks and compact RoRo trucks to powerful full container trucks.

SMV lift trucks feature many innovative solutions, including the “box type” chassis, load-sensing hydraulics (power-on-demand), electronic controlled environmental engines, and a newly designed cabin with improved ergonomics. Another advantage is that SMV build trucks based on your needs, optimally adapting them for the heavy duties that await.

More efficient grip of empty containers

Empty container trucks usually work at a high pace, placing rigorous demands on both speed and efficiency. Our trucks are based on the latest technology, which means that they lift and handle containers with the highest speed and stability.

The extremely stable design and the torsion-resistant frame enable the trucks to stack 20 to 45 foot containers – with optimum precision. The smaller series lifts 4, 5, or 6 containers high, up to 8 tons in weight and single stacking. The larger series lifts 6, 7, or 8 containers, up to 9 tons in weight and single stacking. This series is also available with double stacking, which lifts’2 over 5′ and ‘2 over 6.’

Full capacity with full container trucks

When it comes to loading and unloading full containers, few competitors can match these trucks in lifting capacity and efficiency. Once again, modern technology, high performance, and stability are crucial. This series of trucks lifts containers from 24 tons and 3 high up to a full 43 tons and 5 high. The trucks are also available with the cabin mounted low at the front or high in the middle for optimal handling, visibility, and safety. The choice is yours!

Powerful RoRo trucks below deck

Handling heavy goods on board RoRo ships requires a low profile, compact measurements, and a powerful drive line. SMV RoRo trucks have the same outstanding performance as their other trucks, but are usually just a bit peppier than its competitors, which is appreciated when driving heavy goods ramps on board ships. These trucks have often a versatile function in smaller ports since they also lift mixed goods such as steel, machines, flat racks, and bulky goods.

Maximum strength in perfect balance

The trucks are built on a unique, heavy-duty box chassis and combined with well selected components and engines that deliver high torque at low revs. To take maximum advantage of this power the trucks have well-tested loadsensing hydraulics for increased efficiency and better performance.

Power-on-demand reduces wear, fuel consumption and environmental impact

The trucks are equipped with load-sensing hydraulics where the lifting power is adapted to the weight of the goods and the truck only provides maximum power on demand, when it’s really needed. In other words, the truck consumes less power and fuel while reducing emissions and noise. This technology offers many advantages: easier lifts, smoother drive, and decreased wear on the hydraulics, engine, and gearbox.

Increased productivity with customized solutions

SMV knows that every customer has special requirements for the truck’s functionality and equipment. Its modular trucks are built based on your needs and requirements, which means the trucks can be tailored to your operations. You will appreciate the truck’s high performance, excellent handling,and outstanding service.

Focus on the driver

Drivers must have a good workplace in order to work safely and effectively for long shifts. To meet this need, the cabins on the trucks are probably the best on the market, with unbeatable comfort, visibility and ergonomics,. The cabin features low noise levels and minimum vibration. The driver is not disturbed by vibrations from the engine or chassis. Large glass screens provide optimum visibility and the powerful ventilation system creates a pleasant climate. All instruments and adjustable controls are located at a comfortable distance from the driver. All container trucks are equipped with joysticks, providing drivers with greater efficiency and safety.