Sentinel High Performance Ride-on Sweeper manoeuvres easily to clean large, harsh environments with all-weather dry dust control

  • All-weather dry dust control in a high performance ride-on sweeper
  • Safe and comfortable cab with full visibility, as the cab-forward design gives operators a clear view of the sweeping area
  • Simple operator control and easy manoeuvrability of the sweeper thanks to four-wheel steering

Key machine features of the Sentinel High Performance Ride-on Sweeper

  • Twin vacuum fan delivers superior dry dust control to improve air quality
  • Four-wheel power steering and suspension with a height of only 2,540 mm and a 4 m turning radius make the sweeper easy to manoeuvre in tighter congested areas
  • Total View™ glass doors and windscreens provide clear views of the cleaning path to maximise sweeping performance

Choose the ideal options to tailor the Sentinel High Performance Ride-on Sweeper to your environment

  • Multi-level dumping hopper allows operator to empty debris into containers as high as 2.9 m
  • 38 in / 965 mm Vario Sweeping Brush™ adds cleaning flexibility in hard-to-reach spaces
  • Vacuum wand extends cleaning to hard-to-reach areas