Pedestrian pallet truck with foldable tiller arm

Handling many types of load carriers, the Atlet Piccolo PLT is a small and nimble pedestrian pallet truck ideal for use on lorries. It can be charged from the lorry’s generator.

Climbing wheels in the forks come as standard, and the Piccolo PLT can handle many types of load carriers, in practically any condition. To maximise storage space utilisation, the Piccolo PLT with its foldable tiller arm is stored and charged in a special container under the lorry. The narrow Piccolo negotiates slopes and ramps with ease and has an extremely tight turning circle. Adding the optional Tiller-Up drive with the tiller arm in the upright position, the Piccolo PLL can work in even tighter areas.

It is comfortable and safe to drive, while the narrow chassis also enhances manoeuvrability in confined areas. Improving safety and visibility, the offset tiller arm allows the operator to walk beside the truck. The low chassis gives the operator a clear view of the load and forks.

Other features: Atlet Modular Concept design for highest first visit fix rate. AC motor for reduced maintenance plus maximum acceleration and drive speed. Four-wheel design for maximal stability. Patented 4-point Friction Force chassis for improved stability and traction. ATC truck computer with PIN code access for onboard diagnostics, optimum performance settings and to prevent unauthorised use.