M20 Integrated Ride-on Sweeper-Scrubber can help reduce your cost of ownership by cleaning in a single pass

  • Lower the cost of ownership and reduce the need for multiple machines with an integrated machine that can sweep or scrub, or do both at the same time
  • Improve productivity by cleaning in a single pass with the FloorSmart® integrated cleaning system that combines sweeping and scrubbing functions
  • Clean up to three times longer than conventional scrubbing by using less water with innovative ec-H2O technology or FaST foam activated scrubbing technology

Key machine features of the M20 Integrated Ride-on Scrubber-Sweeper

  • Hygenic® tanks with Variable Drain Valves™ allow users to quickly and easily clean and sanitise recovery and solution tanks
  • ErgoSpace™ operator compartment protects the operator with open sightlines and easy-to-use controls
  • Heavy gauge steel frame and Duramer™ body construction extend machine life
  • Side brush provides superior edge-cleaning capabilities and maximises productivity
  • On-board spray hose spot-cleans to increase cleaning flexibility
  • Overhead guard protects the operator and squeegee protection kit protects the machine in harsh environments