The new TB5 HLT 45 tonnes capacity hybrid reach stacker from Konecranes, currently on trial in the port of Helsingborg, Sweden, is set to bring a new level of performance for the heavy lifting sector.

Developed for busy ports where many rapid accelerations and lift actions require significant power, the hybrid drivetrain uses supercapacitors to provide a 300kw power boost in just a few seconds.
Combined with good fuel efficiency (current tests suggest 20-30% savings) and low emissions, the prototype has over 500 hours under its belt and is already said to be the operators’ machine of choice.

“Propulsion and lifting are powered by dedicated electric motors that can all operate in regenerative mode. The energy generated from braking and load lowering is recovered and stored for later re-use. This means a reduction in diesel fuel consumption and environmental impact. Meanwhile, productivity is increased in terms of quicker response and higher acceleration,” says Anders Nilsson, Technical Director, Konecranes Lift Trucks. Estimated fuel consumption is around 10 litres per hour, significantly less than with conventional machines, achieved by electrifying all flows of energy across the driveline, lifting and energy storage systems.