Introducing “The Mover”

Nicknamed “The Mover” CX series forklift trucks were designed with a mission – meeting the needs of professional operators with maximum productivity and efficiency. “The Mover” is ideal for transporting large loads and performing heavy operations efficiently for extended periods.

The standard models are designed for broad -ranging, general purpose applications with rated capacities based on a 600mm load centre, whereas the compact models are designed specifically to operate within confined spaces inside shipping containers and a ships hold designed with rated capacities based upon a 500mm load centre.

The CX series offers many world class leading features:

  • Powerful engines with clean burning
  • Conformity with second stage emission regulations
  • Meets all European and North American EPA/EC standards

Advanced steering system

Employs Komatsu’s unique new power steering system – KAPS provides highly efficient movements. Featuring increased durability and a more direct power transmission. It ensures lighter steering and as a result handling is sharper and more precise even on undulating ground.

Excellent braking performance

A high capacity braking system allows CX machines to brake quickly and precisely, contributing to overall productivity. The braking system is smooth and reliable ensuring easy operation under all site conditions.

Highly rigid mast and frame

Contributing to overall reliability. The cross sectional area of the mast section has been increased as has frame strength resulting in improved load handling stability and heavy loads can be moved safely and dependably.

Heavy duty durable components

Day After Day the CX offers excellent reliability even in severe conditions. A large-capacity cooling system, thought-out piping design and an easy-maintenance inline filter help guarantee that CX Series machine performance is consistently reliable even under the most severe operating conditions.

Environmentally designed . . .
. . . for maximum operator efficiency

Outstanding front and rear visibility

Providing higher safer operating efficiency by design. The machine contours and a freeview mast design offers superb operator rear visibility and forward view of the fork tips enabling confident increased operator productivity.

Operator controls for safe, efficient operation

With dependable rapid operation levers and pedals that are positioned to increase operating efficiency. The main control levers are integrated within the console. Generously sized foot pedals are angled for ease of operation and the roller mounted full foot accelerator pedal reduces fatigue and ensures subtle speed control.

Improved concentration with less vibration For

The operator compartment offers a smoother driving position with less vibration thus enhancing the concentration of the operator. CX series machines also provide optimum operator comfort by the provision of an adjustable suspension seat and a flexibly mounted cab.