After years of research and testing, Komatsu Forklift is pleased to introduce the state-of-the art in forklift trucks to the market. While these trucks have been engineered for their high performance and unbeatable strength in heavy-duty applications, they also boast an attractive, modern design to provide the maximum level of operator comfort, this being the key element to the profitability of your warehousing operations.

Comfort, productivity, high performance with low maintenance are the winning factors of the AX50 and BX50 product line, besides its legendary reliability which has always been the foundation of the Komatsu Forklift brand.

While maintaining its own superior durability and reliability, new functions have been integrated to optimize operational capabilities and increase safety and economical performances for various conditions. Everything from the unique lifting system, cockpit design, and the shape and design of the steering wheel, levers and body, are the fruit of a destined evolution.

Safety is paramount

Komatsu has made the passive safety device required by ISO3691 a standard feature on its trucks. The device is a sensor that detects the presence of the operator in the seat and locks out mast functions and places the truck in neutral if the operator is absent.

High visibility at the front and new integrated sideshift

The newly designed masts greatly increase visibility of the forks and the surroundings due to the new internal tilt cylinder support, the longer mast section, the load backrest with angled section and the lower free lift cylinder. The optional integrated sideshift improves residual capacity and productivity.

Comfort is synonymous with efficiency

Komatsu has always believed that operator comfort is a key element in the productivity level of the warehouse, which is why it has introduced the revolutionary and unique “Dual floating structure”. Vibrations transmitted to the operator’s back and the swaying feeling when cornering are drastically diminished due to the new engine/transmission unit suspension system, the location of the spring supports between the cab and the frame and a shock-absorbed seat.

Redesigned transmission and powerful clean engines

The redesigned transmission featuring a front axle equipped with a universal joint can handle the powerful torque provided by the new LPG engines. The LPG models are equipped with new K25 engines with low fuel consumption and high torque at low revolutions for gentle, quiet driving.

KAPS III – Revolutionary Power Steering System

A power steering system with a sensor to align the wheels in accordance with the position of the steering wheel. This greatly reduces hydraulic drift over long drives and has allowed the reduction in the diameter of the steering wheel to 300 mm, rendering the truck much more agile in all working environments.

Gentle steering and SLHS

Stocking operations are made easy and precise. The new transmission control logic, which allows the truck to move very slowly when the inching pedal is released, and the “Super Lift Hydraulic System” (BX50 only) based on a tandem pump that feeds the lift and KAPS III systems separately, allow the operator to position the load without touching the accelerator and thus reducing energy consumption and noise.