The pleasure of driving

The new BE-3R series satisfies anyone who is driving it: the suspension seats and optimum ergonomy coupled with a floating cab minimize the vibrations transmitted to the driver. The dashboard and controls have been laid out to facilitate and speed up operations and the clever opening of the side panel facilitates battery change operations. Space, comfort and silence are the key elements for a satisfied and productive operator.


The truck has been built “all around the operator” who can operate the hydraulic controls, the traction direction control pedals or levers and all the accessory controls with ease and precision.

Easy battery changes

The innovative opening of the side panel provides quick access to the compartment and safety when it is closed.

Floating cab

The operator compartment is insulated from the vibrations transmitted by the wheels by means of four rubber supports.

Choice of 4 work programs

Even while the truck is moving, the operator can choose from the Safety, Economy, Personal or Power work programs to find the best one for the situation. Besides the usual operating hours and error indications, the display also indicates the position of the rear wheels, improving the overall safety of operations.

Featuring 80 volt AC technology

Minimum curving radii

The BE-3R range has the smallest curving radii on the market! The two independent AC motors controlled by the new generation logic via a CANBUS system coupled with a rear axle that permits each wheel to rotate 102° versus the traditional systems means that the trucks steer like a 3-wheeler but have the stability of a 4-wheeler!

Maximum shifting and lifting speeds

The two 8kW traction motors can drive the truck over 20km/h and together with a 22kW pump motor, lift the load to 4.5 meters (FV) in less than 8 seconds, all possible due to the AC technology, with low battery consumption.

Maximum safety

In keeping with the updated combustion engine line and in compliance with ISO3691 requirements, a standard feature on the BE-3R range is the total block of the hydraulic system if the operator is not on board, plus the truck automatically slows down when curving, an effective method to minimize the risk of overturning.

Active safety

When the operator is on the ground, the truck enters into stand-by mode and totally blocks the hydraulic system to prevent the load from accidentally moving even while it is being lowered.

Quick and precise lifting

The proportional controls and the modularity of the motor means that the lifting speed does not subvert the ease with which the forks are positioned, and which always remain completely visible during operations.

Long shifts due to low energy consumption

The selection of ad hoc work programs, sophisticated control logic and the quality of the parts considerably reduce energy consumption and significantly increase the life of the battery. Batteries up to 800Ah can be used depending upon the model.

The most agile and speedy

Whether you work in tight spaces or over long distances, the BE-3R line will surprise you with its ability to change direction or reach top speed in just a few meters thanks to the powerful torque of the front-end motors and overall control of the powerful regenerative braking system.