Agility, strength and safety

Driving is easy due to the truck’s gradual acceleration and regenerative braking system. They perform well over long distances where power and responsiveness are required, and in tight spaces where precision and gentle handling are essential. Work cycles are reduced due to the agilty, power and safety of the CANbus-controlled truck which is reliable and inexpensive to maintain. The Mosfet technology of the controller, reliability of the motors, rigidity and strength of the masts and the solid frame increase performance and render driving much easier.

The standard models are designed for broad -ranging, general purpose applications with rated capacities based on a 600mm load centre, whereas the compact models are designed specifically to operate within confined spaces inside shipping containers and a ships hold designed with rated capacities based upon a 500mm load centre.

Traction motors

The top quality AC traction motors are solid and reliable, delivering plenty of torque with reduced energy consumption and virtually no maintenance costs.

Evolved logic

The new logic controls the truck dynamics and the operator controls by delivering power to the motors in a smooth and precise manner, allowing it to meet the strictest safety and productivity requirements.

Frame and battery

The redesigned frame created with CAD is solid, strong and stable, with fewer welds and featuring a battery cover made of steel. The battery is quick and easy to remove

Rigid masts

The extremely rigid masts and built-in side shifter ensureoptimal handling of the load. A wide range of FV, FFV and TFV up to seven meters high are available.

CAN-BUS technology

The modern CANbus technology guarantees more accurate and quicker data transmission. The reduced number of connecting cables increases the reliabilbility of the truck and reduces maintenance operations and interference.

Compactness means savings

At the top of their class, the 80Volt models are 4-wheelers, but they turn like 3-wheelers! Less room for turning = more space for pallets.

The pleasure of working . . .
. . . means maximum operator efficiency

The truck has been designed and constructed with operator comfort in mind, leading to a very productive, stress-free working day. The hydraulic power steering makes driving easy regardless of the weight being handled. The spacious and comfortable operator area is equipped with ergonomic, proportional hydraulic levers and a simple, intuitive LCD display which allows choosing among different programs and it shows malfunction warnings. The truck can be equipped with directional pedals or levers and a vast array of options such as the cab and the joystick to meet the needs of the customer.

Ergonomics and comfort

The ergonomic controls, silent operation and spacious and comfortable environment with a standard Grammer MSG20 seat make this truck ideal for heavy-duty use.

Choice of controls

The operator has the option of changing direction by means of the dual pedals or a lever located to the left of the steering wheel.


The LCD display is legible in every condition and it is part of the logic that allows the operator to manage and enter the truck and safety parameters, such as the highest rate of speed or the speed when curving.

Hydraulic levers

These controls are ergonomic and light. The lift function lever is proportional for greater precision while the tilt and side shifter are controlled by Reed sensors, ensuring gentle, precise movements with utmost reliability.


The Komatsu Forklift masts guarantee excellent visibility even when the side shifter is installed, plus great rigidity and strength.


Climbing in and out of the truck has never been easier thanks to the wide step, solid handle and the ability to access it from both sides.

Ample selection and optimal visibility

The masts are available in the Simplex, Duplex and Triplex versions and all ensure optimal visibility of the forks and rigidity at the maximum height. An integrated sideshifter and fork positioner are optional, as well as any other accessory you may need.

Ample selection of cabs

Komatsu offers numerous solutions for open cabs with rigid or curtained doors for working in cold stores and outdoors.

Easy and adaptability

The displays are back-lit and easy to use; a standard feature, they indicate the battery state of charge, the controls that have been activated and, depending upon the model, the operator can use the display to choose different work programs, change the maximum speed or indicate the position of the rear wheels.


The operator cab has been specifically designed to be simple and intuitive in accordance with the most common ergonomy and safety guidelines.