Atlt Medium Level Order Picker

The Atlet Ergo OPM medium level order picker provides  increased productivity and supreme driving. A fast, safe and effective solution for picking at medium levels, up to 4.5 metres.

The Ergo-picker OPM offers excellent lifting and driving performance. Productivity is further enhanced with safety gates and ergo-lift forks, ensuring a safer and more ergonomic medium-level picking operation.
When driving forward (chassis first) the operator has maximum visibility, ensuring that forward vision is not obscured by the picked load.
Optional positioning of driver controls allows the Atlet OP to blend with other existing trucks and to adopt similar driving characteristics.

The ergonomically-designed cabin is spacious allowing the operator to create his own office environment. Fittings such as terminals, scanners, label printers and pick list printers can be added.

Other features: Walk through cabin. Custom-designed furniture picking platforms. Cold store specifications. Atlet Modular Concept design for maximum uptime. AC motor for reduced maintenance plus maximum acceleration and drive speed. Atlet Stability Support System S3. ATC truck computer with PIN code access for onboard diagnostics, optimum performance settings and to prevent unauthorised use.