Atlet High Level Order Picker

The Atlet Ergo OPC is exceptionally stable, safe and effective high-level order picker up to 7.8 metres.

With the Ergo OPC you get exceptional stability and safety for operating at extreme picking heights in wide or VNA guided aisles. Ergolifting forks provide easy access to the load carrier and by raising /lowering the pick up or set down point, the picking operation is efficient, safe, and comfortable. The truck operates well in free-ranging wide aisle operations and with wire or rail guidance it can provide an extremely effective picking operation in very narrow aisles.

When driving forward (chassis first) the operator has maximum visibility, ensuring that forward vision is not obscured by the picked load.
The optional positioning of driver controls allows the Atlet OPC to blend with other existing trucks and adopt similar driving characteristics.

The ergonomically-designed cabin is spacious, allowing the operator to create his own office environment. Fittings such as terminals, scanners, label printers and pick list printers can be added.

Other features: Walk through cabin. Custom-designed furniture picking platforms. Cold store specifications.