Sit on low lifter

The Atlet Ergo XLL is a comfortable sit on low lifter truck for internal transport in heavy-duty operations. The truck is ideal for long cycles and heavy goods flows.

This Ergo XLL sit-on low-lifter is designed for heavy duty applications. Offering a wide range of options, the low lifter is suitable for many types of load carriers. For multi-shift applications, the battery is placed on rollers, for quick and easy changes.

Advanced ergonomic design – including Atlet’s unique power-assisted mini steering wheel and fully adjustable armrest, seat and floor – facilitates handling and maximises comfort. The operator is fully protected within the chassis and has an excellent overview which allows safe, precise handling.

Other features: Atlet Modular Concept design for highest First Visit Fix Rate. AC motor for reduced maintenance plus maximum acceleration and drive speed. Atlet Stability Support System S3. ATC truck computer with PIN code access for onboard diagnostics, optimum performance settings and to prevent unauthorised use.