Economy forklifts for all applications

The GX series has been designed to minimize downtime and reduce overall operating costs by featuring a simple and compact layout design for easy serviceability, reliable hydraulic components and sealing system, high cooling capacity for various industrial applications, economical shoe brakes, efficient dual element air cleaner, reliable powershift transmission, low fuel consumption and high performance engines.

Simple to operate, with wide visibility masts, ergonomic operator compartment and robust 2.4 litre industrial LPG engines, the GX series aims to combine comfort and reliable performance with simplicity of design.

The GX Series also comes complete with the award-winning operator sensing system to ensure a safer operation.

Comfort, high productivity and low maintenance are still key features of the GX series. Doosan delivers a well balanced mix of enhanced technologies, operator comfort refinements, performance efficiencies and serviceability advances including:

  • Powerful and proven engines
  • Efficient dual element air cleaner
  • High level of operator comfort & safety
  • Economical show brakes
  • Reliable powershift transmission

Full floating system

The full floating structure of the operator cell (such as the cowl, overhead guard, floor plate and engine hood) are isolated from the frame. This offers you substantially reduced vibration levels and reduces the operator’s fatigue level.

Full floating drive axle

Strong one-piece cast housing aligned axle components, with a high tensile alloy steel axle shaft to extend axle life. The splined side gear and drive hub gears transmit high torque to the drive wheels.

Dual Element Air Cleaner

The large capacity, dual element air cleaner is designed to extend service intervals. It allows clean and cool air into the engine.

Full hydrostatic steering system

The fully hydrostatic steering system has a superior design developed to handle high impact situations without damage. Furthermore, sealed and lubricated tapered roller bearings are used to mount knuckles to the steer axle beam. This makes them superior to all alternate design in high impact situations.

Designed for easy serviceability

The Doosan design with its proven powertrain, and reliable hydraulic system simplifies maintenance.

Doosan’s goal is to make your material handling organization as efficient and reliable as possible by minimizing your forklifts down time to reduce overall maintenance costs.

Comfort is synonymous with efficiency

Doosan knows that that operator comfort is a key element in the productivity level of any warehousing materials handling operation and the Pro-5 range includes key features to achieve the maximum level of comfort and efficiency.

Spacious and Well Planned Operator compartment

Designed for comfort, with optimized pedal positions, the roomy operator compartment has an adjustable slim type steering column and low cowl height allowing operators to easily find their optimum driving position.

Easy to read Instrument Panel

Engine temperature, transmission oil temperature, fuel level gauge and hour meter to keep the driver aware of the machine’s operating conditions at all times. Engine oil pressure, alternator voltage, water separator and pre-heat indicator illuminate to alert the operator of any abnormal condition.

Deck mounted control vales and levers

The position of the control valve and the ergonomically designed angled levers guarantee easy operation and reduced operator fatigue

Convenience package integrated into hood

For your refreshments, paperwork, small tools and etc. for operator efficiency.

Operator Sensing System

Parking alarm warning when operator leaves the seat without engaging the parking brake. Seat belt indicator warning light for 10 seconds reminds operator to employ the seat belt. Neutral shift transmission means the transmission is automatically shifted into neutral when the operator leaves the seat with the engine running and the direction lever in forward or reverse.

Wide open foot steps and grab bar

Wide open foot steps and a conveniently positioned grab bar on the overhead guard make entry and exit easy.