For heavy duty applications

Our engine powered range of forklifts are the cornerstone of our business. Building rugged, reliable, yet simple trucks, has allowed us to become the leading provider of value forklifts in the UK.

Comfort, high productivity and low maintenance are the winning factors of the Pro-5 series. Doosan delivers a well balanced mix of enhanced technologies, operator comfort refinements, performance efficiencies and serviceability advances, the Pro-5 will increase productivity and lower your operating costs with features including:

  • Powerful and Efficient Doosan Diesel Engine
  • Full Air Actuated Brake System
  • Integrated Operator Instrument Panel
  • Pilot Actuated Hydraulic Control Valve and Levers
  • Low Emission Engine
  • Optional Tiltable Operator Compartment with or without Cab
  • Electrically Controlled Full Autoshift Transmission
  • Rugged Planetary Drive Axle

Fully Electric controlled Autoshift Transmission

Provides electronic inching enabling even massive loads to be moved with great precision. Fully capable of shifting under power, soft gear shifting is achieved with 3 forward and 3 reverse gears. Maintenance requirements and service life are greatly enhanced.

Full hydrostatic steering system

With mechanical connections between steering wheel and steer axle maintenance is significantly reduced. With an aligned taper roller bearing design to operate in contaminated environments and high impact applications, whilst ensuring low-effort steering and faster response.

Hydraulic Motor Driven Remote Cooling Fan

A large capacity cooling fan driven by a remote hydraulic motor effectively manages operating temperatures to enhance engine wear and productive capacity.

Planetary type drive axle

Planetary drive axle assembly with steel housing features hardened load-bearing spindles and full-floating axle shafts with positive oil flow to all gears and bearings, four-pinion, hypoid differential and radically floating sun and ring gear.

Pre-Cleaner and Dual Element Air Cleaner

Heavy duty air cleaning system extend engine service life and allows clean, cool air into the engine intake system.

Doosan’s goal is to make your material handling organization as efficient and reliable as possible by minimizing your forklifts down time to reduce overall maintenance costs.

Comfort is synonymous with efficiency

Doosan knows that that operator comfort is a key element in the productivity level of any warehousing materials handling operation and the Pro-5 range includes key features to achieve the maximum level of comfort and efficiency.

High Visibility Overhead Guard and Front-end

Wider mast window, repositioned hydraulic hoses and flat bar style overhead guard optimizes operator sight lines forward, up and to the load.

Spacious and Well Planned Operator compartment

Ample operator leg room, tillable steering column and ergonomically positioned operator pedals combined with allow cowl height facilitate ease of operation.

Integrated Instrument Panel

The centralized and integrated easy-to-read instrument panel maximizes operator efficiency. Fuel gauge, engine hour meter, engine oil pressure, coolant and transmission temperature,mast interlock, transmission neutral, seat belt, brake oil level gauge keeps operator aware and informed of all vehicle performance systems.

Pilot Actuated Hydraulic Control

Valve and levers with minimal valve throw provides smooth and responsive hydraulics for superb operator control.

Optional Side Tiltable Operator Compartment

Tiltable Operator Cab makes servicing of all powertrain components quick and easy. An electrically assisted hydraulic actuated cylinder tilts operator compartment to left side about 65 degrees for easy access to inside truck components

Wide footsteps and grab bar

Wide and large open foot steps with anti-skid surface and a conveniently positioned overhead guard pillar grab bar provide effortless entry and exit.