Powerful 48 volt forklifts for all applications

Doosan’s design breakthroughs have taken AC technology a leap beyond conventional forklifts by introducing revolutionary AC power and efficiency to both drive and hydraulic motors taking the industry lead in electric truck design and performance

The Doosan design team has integrated the advances of AC technology with user defined comfort and performance needs generated from extensive marketplace research – resulting in a new electric truck that excels in Performance, Practicality & Production.

For Optimum Comfort, F.C.U. (Front Cockpit Unit) was ergonomically designed for comfortable driving and anti-fatigue even in multi-shift operations helping stylish appearance together with optional deluxe suspension seat. For smooth control, A.C.T. (Active Control Technology) has been incorporated into full AC (Drive and Hydraulic) system.

For greater productivity, AC drive & hydraulic motors promote energy efficiency and reduce overall operating costs. For industry best safety, O.S.S. (Operator Sensing System) makes drive happy due to protect operator from any risk.

For outstanding durability & reliability, O.C.D.B. (Oil Cooled Disc Brake) was equipped in all Doosan electric trucks.

  • Optimized operator comfort provisions
  • High powered lightweight engines
  • Virtually maintenance-free oil cooled disc brakes
  • Enhanced Maintenance and Serviceability
  • Doosan exclusive active control technology
  • Operator sensing system

DOOSAN Exclusive ACT (Active Control Technology)

This innovative system provides several productivity advantages; Active Performance Control self-adjusts performance criteria to changes in operating conditions. Active Energy control maintains consistent performance through 80% of battery charge life. Active Comfort Control customizes operating parameters to match driver’s style for increased comfort, confidence & control. Active Heat Control system self protects when overheating detected to correct temperature imbalance.

Operator-Centric Performance Selection

The operator controls the truck’s performance capability and can optimize productivity and battery consumption rate to match application requirements.

  • H-mode (High Performance)
  • S-mode (Standard Performance)
  • E-mode (Energy Efficient Performance)

More Work per Battery Charge

Programmable operating functions customize truck performance for energy efficiency to achieve more run time per battery charge.

Full hydraulic steering system

Has no mechanical connection between steering wheel and steer axle which eliminates kickback and gives operator precise steering control with low steering effort regardless of truck speed.

Doosan’s goal is to make your material handling organization as efficient and reliable as possible by minimizing your forklifts down time to reduce overall maintenance costs.

Oil-cooled disc brakes

Virtually maintenance-free, oil-cooled disc brakes are optional on this series. The enclosed brake system eliminates outside contamination significantly extending the brake life up to 5 times longer when compared to conventional shoe brakes. That’s why they come with Doosan’s industry exclusive warranty.

AITC (Intelligent Torque Control)

Closed-loop feedback system monitors loads on drive and hydraulic motors to maintain speed consistency whether the truck is empty or loaded. It also provides responsive acceleration, excellent gradeability and full protection against short /open circuits with continuous temperature monitoring of panel and motors to maximize material handling productivity.

High Visibility Overhead Guard and Front-end

Wider mast window, repositioned hydraulic hoses and flat bar style overhead guard optimizes operator sight lines forward, up and to the load.

Spacious and Well Planned Operator compartment

Ample operator leg room, tillable steering column and ergonomically positioned operator pedals combined with allow cowl height facilitate ease of operation.

Integrated Instrument Panel

The centralized and integrated easy-to-read instrument panel maximizes operator efficiency. Fuel gauge, engine hour meter, engine oil pressure, coolant and transmission temperature,mast interlock, transmission neutral, seat belt, brake oil level gauge keeps operator aware and informed of all vehicle performance systems.

Anti Roll Back & Down

The “stop on ramp”, anti roll back & down system protects truck’s slip.

Operator Sensing System

Operator Sensing System allows the parking alarm warning when operator leaves the seat without engaging the parking brake. Seat belt indicator warning light for 10 seconds reminds operator to employ the seat belt. Neutral shift transmission means the transmission is automatically shifted into neutral when the operator leaves the seat with the engine running and the direction lever in forward or reverse.

Rear Grab Bar With Horn (Optional)

When operator drives in reverse, the rear grab bar enables horn activation to alert surrounding personnel.