Managing Director, Stephen Burton

The name Windsor has been synonymous with materials handling and access systems since 1977, providing a first class range of forklift hire, sales and maintenance services.

Through a mixture of originality, entrepreneurial spirit and determination, we have developed into one of the largest and most innovative suppliers of independent forklift and materials handling equipment in the UK.

We understand local business, because we are one. Currently operating from twelve branches across the North, Midlands and South East, we pride ourselves on our commitment to the local community and our personable approach.

When you contact us, you’re talking to local experts in both sales and service, with great knowledge of your area. And it’s this long-established ethos that’s helped us develop and retain some of our oldest clients.

Continual Investment


We maintain a philosophy of continual investment – constantly adapting and evolving our business to meet the needs of the modern forklift user. This ensures our strong belief of local expertise and customer support is maintained, alongside a large and reliable hire fleet.

Through clear, defined goals we work hard not only to improve our business but to significantly increase the reputation of our clients, through the provision of efficient and reliable products.

We attract our clients by redefining our value based on unique customer insights adapting to their needs rather than following them. And we keep them through our expertise, first-class solutions and reliable products.


Our People

Our strength lies within the people we employ. We strive to provide the highest quality support to our customers via teams of skilled, local materials handling sales staff and technicians.

We understand that your needs can change. So, if you have any problems, questions or just a last minute change of plan, you’re assured of direct dialogue with one of our fully qualified sales and engineering professionals. This commitment to a personalised customer service is the lifeblood of our business and has allowed us to gain a reputation for excellence.


Local Partnerships

‘Partnership’ is a term it is often used, but less often meant. But here at Windsor, it simply means working with you.

Whether you’re a one-truck or a fleet user, by taking-up a partnership with us, we’ll be able to better understand your business and you’ll understand ours for that matter. That way, we can structure sales, service, supply or hire in the way that works better for your business.

We’re also far better placed to deal with peaks in demand, emergencies or specialist requirements. So, by working together, the problems that inevitable occur in business become more manageable and the solutions arrive much faster.

All our partnerships are maintained through our local branches. So just call your nearest branch to speak direct with the people that will make it happen for you!