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Very Narrow Aisle or Turret Trucks are a battery operated machine that uses both the electric engine, battery and operator compartment to counterweight heavy loads.

The main mast lifts the operator to heights of up to 14 metres (depending on the model). This driver sits within the carriage of the VNA truck, with a clear view of the pallet handling process. This feature therefore allows the operator to perform order picking, particularly on mixed pallet orders.

The forks of the turret truck are located in front of the driver and are mounted on a smaller front mast that can rotate 180 degrees, to provide access to both sides of the racking without the unit having to move.

The front mast provides the operator with an extra 2 metres of height, depending on the model, allowing for pallet handling up to 16 metres.

The forks travel along a rail system mounted to the front mast allowing the operator to move the forks into position to lift and move pallets.

VNA trucks typically operate on a laser or rail guided system which guides the unit during aisle operation, allowing it to function at high speeds.

Turret Trucks, man-up machine
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