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An aerial work platform (AWP), also known as an aerial deviceelevating work platform (EWP)bucket truck or mobile elevating work platform (MEWP) is a mechanical device used to provide temporary access for people or equipment to inaccessible areas, usually at height. There are distinct types of mechanized access platforms and the individual types may also be known as a “cherry picker” or “scissor lift.” As the name suggests, cherry pickers were initially developed to facilitate the picking of cherries. The invention of the aerial work platform is also accredited to John L. Grove, co-founder of JLG, who developed the first platform as an alternative to scaffolding.

Scissor lifts are safer than ladders as they’re equipped with safety apparatus to protect operators from workplace accidents, falls, injuries and fatalities. The entire scissor lift work platform is protected by railings with a gated area, used by operators to mount and dismount the lift. Operators are required to wear safety harnesses above 2.4 metres. These harnesses can easily be clipped onto scissor lift railings for fall protection.

Scissor lifts are available in different lift heights and capacities. Most scissor lift platforms can easily accommodate 2 to 4 people and range anywhere between 2 to 18 meters lift height. Operators also have the option to pause the lift at different heights to work seamlessly.

PLATFORM SIZE: Scissor lifts are advantageous over a ladder with ample platform space. A larger platform area means more than one worker can easily be accommodated along with equipment. Workers also save time by covering a wide wall or ceiling section without having to re-position the scissor lift; something a ladder can’t offer.

STORAGE, ADAPTABILITY & OPERATION: Scissor lifts can be easily stored in small worksite areas. Businesses can also save a lot of time and manual labour, directly proportional to production rise. A scissor lift is an essential tool for manufacturing and stocking industries and it adds to the flexible functionality with its adaptability to different terrains.

ELECTRIC OPTIONS: Electric scissor lifts don’t emit fumes and are ideal for indoor use. A scissor lift with a narrow work platform is an additional option for tight indoor spaces. Electric options are much quieter than engine-powered scissor lifts and most indoor lifts come with non-marking tires to avoid floor damage.

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