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As the name Combilift has become synonymous with a particular type of multi-direction truck, so too Aisle-Master, despite now being used for a range of pedestrian articulating products.

Over 5,000 of the original Aisle-Masters have been built by the Irish firm and sold in locations as varied as Alaska and Australia.

Available as both engine or battery powered articulated forklifts, Aisle-Master forklifts are articulating VNA trucks that provide owners the combined abilities of a conventional forklift and a reach truck.

Aisle-Master’s can be operated indoors, outdoors and on uneven surfaces, thus reducing, the number of forklifts and associated labour required. Double handling is also eliminated as the product can be taken directly from the truck or van to the storage location.

Due to the articulated design, the Aisle-Master can operate in aisles as narrow as 1.98 metres. The space saved by using the Aisle-Master leads to an increase in the number of pallet spaces, increasing your storage space by up to 50%.

The Aisle-Master is available in both battery electric and LPG, with various lift height options up to 10.5 metres.  All Aisle-Master products have a factory backed 5-year or 5,000 hours parts warranty as standard.

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