Nottingham – Apprentice Engineer


As part of our continued growth, the Nottingham branch of Windsor Materials Handling is now looking to recruit an apprentice to work on a range of forklift trucks and materials handling equipment.

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Nothing ventured, nothing gained…


It’s now been a year since Windsor opened a dedicated forklift training centre, and our east coast counterparts have seen significant take up of the wide range of courses on offer at the Immingham-based facility. Here at the Sleaford branch of Windsor, we think training undertaken on customer sites has a variety of benefits…

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A Sweet Success for Jakemans


Established in Boston, England in 1907, Jakemans specialises in producing quality menthol based natural throat and chest remedies. Although Jakemans remains in Lincolnshire to this day, the privately run confectionary business has also made their [...]

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Windsor Metsä Difference


Fresh from a procurement process involving all the UK’s major forklift suppliers, timber specialists Metsä Wood, welcomed a select number of guests to their Boston site to celebrate the implementation of a new partnership with Windsor Materials Handing.

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