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The heat is on in Hull


Siemens’ £160m wind turbine factory in Hull has brought significant investment in the wind energy sector to the region. Does it signal the beginning of the end for fossil fuels? And what does it mean for the logistics industry?

The heat is on in Hull2017-06-30T11:33:49+00:00

Back To LiFe?


Can supercharged lithium iron phosphate batteries bring electric forklifts... The UK electric forklift market has gained ground in recent years, but its fair to say that the much heralded switch to battery power has largely [...]

Back To LiFe?2016-07-12T13:55:40+00:00

Doosan Global Business Forum 2015


Doosan held it's latest 'Global Business Forum' this year in Edinburgh, with former British Prime Minister, Gordon Brown and Justin Yifu Lin, former Senior Vice President of the World Bank attending.

Doosan Global Business Forum 20152015-09-02T08:02:43+00:00

Back To Basics


Doosan will shortly be launching an extended range of pallet trucks, which will include some unusual products such as this stainless steel version. Scissorlifts, low profile and digital weigh scale hand pallet trucks are also [...]

Back To Basics2014-10-11T10:05:28+00:00

BITA-Sized Training


The British Industrial Truck Association (BITA) has established a new academy for the training of forklift engineers, citing the 'immense career potential that awaits today’s apprentices'. Windsor is currently taking on a new batch of [...]

BITA-Sized Training2014-10-11T10:02:35+00:00

High Hybrid


The trend for hybrid machines continues with JLG’s latest articulating boom lift. The H340AJ is a four-wheel, AC direct electric drive boom lift unlike any machine on the market. Four individually controlled drive motors provide [...]

High Hybrid2014-10-17T09:41:46+00:00

Atlet Reach For The Sky


There was a time when lifting to 10m was the limit for most reach trucks in the warehouse. Not any more. Today reach trucks not only have the stability to raise a tonne up to [...]

Atlet Reach For The Sky2014-10-11T09:53:50+00:00

Kalmar’s Record Breaker


Our friends at Kalmar have entered the record books thanks to the remarkable heavy lift capabilities of its latest reachstacker, named Super Gloria. The reachstacker lifted a steel component weighing over 100 tonnes in front [...]

Kalmar’s Record Breaker2014-10-11T08:59:47+00:00

MKM Milestone


Windsor partner, MKM Building Supplies, has opened its 40th branch in Glasgow. The company is looking to extend its branch network to all corners of the UK, with plans for six new branches to be [...]

MKM Milestone2014-06-10T08:45:43+00:00

Uplifting Experience


JLG’s 10MSP mobile stock picker is still one of the more popular ways to carry out simple facilities management tasks. Here’s one of the many positive reviews we’ve received from Sunderland technology company, Heat Trace [...]

Uplifting Experience2014-06-10T08:42:40+00:00

Combilift’s latest award winner


Well known for their multi-directional machines, the latest Combilift is as manoeuvrable as you would expect, but a slight departure being the company’s first pedestrian reach stacker. The WR-4 (Walkie Reach Truck) has already grabbed [...]

Combilift’s latest award winner2014-05-13T13:08:09+00:00

Hybrrrrrrrid Arrives


The extraordinary seven week voyage from Belgium to the South Pole, completed by Komatsu’s latest hybrid excavator wasn’t the end of the journey. The HB215LC was then transported using a giant sled to the Princess [...]

Hybrrrrrrrid Arrives2014-06-03T09:29:16+00:00

Archie Five


Doosan has won its fifth FLTA Award, nicknamed ‘Archie’, this time for the G2 diesel engine. Managing Director of Overseas Sales, Kun H Lee, collected Doosan’s first award back in 2005. This latest win means [...]

Archie Five2014-05-13T11:25:40+00:00

Going Deeper


Japanese manufacturer Komatsu is a world leader in the field of construction, military and mining equipment, and now they are hoping to take this field to a whole new level; deep underground. Komatsu is joining [...]

Going Deeper2014-05-13T11:07:35+00:00

Komatsu’s Intense Rivalry


Many markets are characterised by rival manufacturers battling for market dominance, Apple and Microsoft, Pepsi and Coke, Ryanair and Easyjet, to name a few. But rarely have two companies’ fortunes been quite so interlinked as [...]

Komatsu’s Intense Rivalry2014-04-02T12:18:37+00:00
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