Introducing the essential range…


Our partners in heavy lifting, Kalmar, have launched a completely new range of forklifts that deliver the build quality, high availability and excellent safety that Kalmar forklifts are known for at a highly competitive price.

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Kalmar’s Record Breaker


Our friends at Kalmar have entered the record books thanks to the remarkable heavy lift capabilities of its latest reachstacker, named Super Gloria. The reachstacker lifted a steel component weighing over 100 tonnes in front [...]

Kalmar’s Record Breaker2014-10-11T08:59:47+00:00

SMV Container Lift Trucks 8 – 45 Tonnes


SMV’s new truck series offers a complete line-up of container trucks for empty and laden containers, as well as for RoRo handling. Few competitors can match its range of specialised trucks – from convenient empty [...]

SMV Container Lift Trucks 8 – 45 Tonnes2014-02-27T09:57:06+00:00

SMV Reach Stackers 10 – 45 Tonnes


Heavyweight Champion of The Port A more efficient way to handle containers Kone Crane’s latest generation of SMV reach stackers is based on over 50 years of experience of designing and customizing trucks for the [...]

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Heavy Duty Forklift Trucks


10 – 60 Tonnes The new SMV fork lift truck series gives you access to the market’s most extensive and complete line of large fork lift trucks between 10 and 60 tons. In addition, few [...]

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Doosan 11 – 16 Tonne Diesel


For heavy duty applications Our engine powered range of forklifts are the cornerstone of our business. Building rugged, reliable, yet simple trucks, has allowed us to become the leading provider of value forklifts in the [...]

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