Solo PSL


Compact pedestrian stacker. The Solo PSL is ideal for shop-floor replenishing, stacking, order picking and short distance internal transport, for example in warehouses, supermarkets and production areas. […]

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Nova TS


Ride-on pedestrian stacker. The Atlet Nova TSL/TSP is a versatile pedestrian, or ride-on, stacker for stacking, internal transport, double pallet handling and order picking. […]

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Sit-on stacker. Pioneered by Atlet, the X Ergo sit-on stacker provides low-cost ergonomic handling. It is versatile, space-saving and comfortable. […]

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Ergo ATF


Stand-in tele-reach stacker with telescopic forks Pioneered by Atlet, the Ergo ATF stand-in stacker allows you [...]

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Stand-in stacker. Pioneered by Atlet, launched as the “impossible truck” in 1961 and still market leader, the A Ergo stand-in stacker is perfect for stacking, internal transport and double pallet handling. […]

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Doppio PSD


Compact pedestrian stacker for double pallet handling. The Atlet Doppio PSD is an all-round, flexible truck and a strong, compact double stacker. […]

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Alto PSH


Pedestrian stacker for heavy duty operation. The Alto PSH is a powerful, robust, pedestrian stacker for heavy duty operation and can be used for a wide range of duties. […]

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Alto PS


Compact pedestrian stacker. The Alto PS is a robust, powerful, handy truck for flexible use in tight spaces, suitable for handling “open” load carriers. […]

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Ergo XTF


Pioneered by Atlet, the Ergo XTF sit-on stacker allows you to stack double deep. The ability to handle two pallets in depth from the same side of the aisle means you can save up to [...]

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