Presto PLP


Stand-on pallet truck Featuring a robust fold-down driver platform and foldable protective sidebars, the Atlet Presto PLP Stand on pallet truck allows for long travel distance and extended work cycles. […]

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Piccolo PLT


Pedestrian pallet truck with foldable tiller arm Handling many types of load carriers, the Atlet Piccolo PLT is a small and nimble pedestrian pallet truck ideal for use on lorries. It can be charged from the lorry’s generator. [...]

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Piccolo PLL


Compact pedestrian pallet truck The Atlet Piccolo PLL is the perfect, compact pedestrian pallet truck for confined spaces, various load carriers and various conditions. The Piccolo PLL is ideal for shop-floor replenishing, occasional order picking and short-distance internal [...]

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Compact pedestrian pallet truck for ergonomic picking The Atlet Duo PLE  – A compact ergonomic pedestrian pallet truck . Two functions in one truck: a low lifter for heavy loads and an ergonomic lift function for easy [...]

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Ergo XML


Sit-on stacker for double pallet handling Pioneered by Atlet, the Ergo XML sit on stacker gives you quicker handling cycles. It is ideal for feeding production lines and in cross docking applications. […]

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Ergo XLL


Sit on low lifter The Atlet Ergo XLL is a comfortable sit on low lifter truck for internal transport in heavy-duty operations. The truck is ideal for long cycles and heavy goods flows. […]

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Ergo ALL


Stand-in low lifter

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Solo PSL


Compact pedestrian stacker. The Solo PSL is ideal for shop-floor replenishing, stacking, order picking and short distance internal transport, for example in warehouses, supermarkets and production areas. […]

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Doppio PSD


Compact pedestrian stacker for double pallet handling. The Atlet Doppio PSD is an all-round, flexible truck and a strong, compact double stacker. […]

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