Taking you higher…


With the EPM 100 and the EPH 125, UniCarriers is launching two more models from its completely revised picking range into the market.

Taking you higher…2017-06-30T12:45:31+00:00

Ergo XTF


Sit on double deep storage stacker Atlet’s double deep forklifts are designed to operate effectively in any storage environment with the single aim of increasing your productivity. […]

Ergo XTF2014-02-27T10:16:39+00:00

Ergo ATF


Stand-in tele-reach stacker with telescopic forks. The Ergo ATF is ideal for stacking and internal transport. [...]

Ergo ATF2014-02-27T10:16:44+00:00

Tergo Forte UFS


Four way reach truck Keeping aisles to a minimum, the powerful Atlet Tergo Forte UFS  four way reach truck offers flexible handling of long and other bulky goods – with superior ergonomics and comfort. […]

Tergo Forte UFS2014-02-27T10:16:50+00:00



Heavy duty reach truck Atlet’s new generation heavy-duty reach trucks bring your warehousing efficiency to the highest level. Entirely designed around the operator, these reach trucks will adapt to your individual operational needs and provide world-class ergonomics. Explore [...]

Tergo UMS/UHD/UHX2014-02-27T10:17:03+00:00

Tergo UND


Compact reach truck for use in drive in racking and block stacking This compact reach truck is just the right tool for medium intensive operations for higher stacking levels with very good stability and performance. [...]

Tergo UND2014-02-27T10:17:08+00:00

Tergo ULS


Atlet compact reach trick for medium intensive operations The compact Tergo ULS is the most nimble and economical reach truck Atlet has produced. Performance, stability and reliability meet high demands and will ensure productivity and low life [...]

Tergo ULS2014-02-27T10:17:14+00:00

Tempo PPS


Low level order picker with scissor lift The Atlet Tempo PPS Low level order [...]

Tempo PPS2014-02-27T10:17:20+00:00

Tempo PPL


Atlet low level order picker The Atlet Tempo PPL Low level order picker is designed for safe, effective, low-level order picking in heavy warehouse applications. An exceptional combination of maneuverability and ergonomics, this is the perfect partner [...]

Tempo PPL2014-02-27T10:17:24+00:00

Tempo PPF


Low level order picker with high lifting forks The Atlet Tempo PPF low level order picker with lifting [...]

Tempo PPF2014-02-27T10:17:30+00:00

Tempo PPD


Low level order picker with driver lift The Atlet Tempo PPD is a low level order picker,designed for safe, effective,1st and 2nd level order picking in heavy warehouse applications. An exceptional combination of maneuverability, ergonomics and [...]

Tempo PPD2014-02-27T10:17:37+00:00

Tempo PPC


Low level order picker – driver lift and adjustable fork height The Atlet Tempo PPC is a low level order picker designed for safe, effective, 1st and 2nd level order picking in heavy warehouse applications. An exceptional [...]

Tempo PPC2014-02-27T10:17:43+00:00

Ergo Stacker Picker


Atlet high performance narrow aisle combination machine The Atlet Ergo Stacker Picker is a narrow aisle combination stacker picker . It has supreme Ergo Stacker Picker2014-02-27T10:18:09+00:00

ErgoPicker OPS


Atlet High Level Order Picker The Atlet Ergo OPS high level order picker is exceptionally stable, allowing for safe, effective high-level order picking, up to 9.85 metres. […]

ErgoPicker OPS2014-02-27T10:18:14+00:00
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