When Things Go Wrong


From Imran Khan to £700,000 fines - how the law has transformed the way we work at height & why cutting corners makes injuries inevitable.

When Things Go Wrong2018-03-22T11:31:06+00:00

Damage Control


Some businesses believe their products are destined to be damaged during the materials handling process.

Damage Control2018-03-22T11:38:56+00:00

The Five ‘Rights’ to Cutting MHE Costs


If you are currently using a particular fuel type, changing to an alternative could save you more than you think. Electric forklift trucks are much more environmentally friendly compared to diesel and LPG.

The Five ‘Rights’ to Cutting MHE Costs2018-03-22T11:36:42+00:00

The heat is on in Hull


Siemens’ £160m wind turbine factory in Hull has brought significant investment in the wind energy sector to the region. Does it signal the beginning of the end for fossil fuels? And what does it mean for the logistics industry?

The heat is on in Hull2017-06-30T11:33:49+00:00

Five proven ways to keep a grip on your MHE costs


1. Get the Right Power Could switching to electric save over 30% per annum? Despite the current trend for LPG, electric power and diesel still remain popular forms of operating forklift trucks. However, when it [...]

Five proven ways to keep a grip on your MHE costs2014-05-13T14:19:52+00:00

Game, set & match?


Should we care if the loser of a tennis match may actually be the all-round winner? The Simpson’s Paradox suggests yes... Occasionally in tennis, the loser can actually win more points than the winner. It [...]

Game, set & match?2014-05-13T13:00:02+00:00

The art of working sideways


The sales volumes may have always been small, between 1%-5% of the worldwide forklift market, but sideloaders are firmly established as the materials handling equipment of choice for unconventional loads. A variation on the common [...]

The art of working sideways2014-02-27T09:30:11+00:00

Analyse This


Five data sets that on-board systems provide: 1.Trip and Data Recording Date, time, journey duration, vehicle speed, RPM, journey departure and arrival time, driver name, driver ID and vehicle ID are all recorded. 2.Driving Violations [...]

Analyse This2014-02-27T09:30:30+00:00

Just get on with it!


Today’s To Do List: 1. Write To Do List 2. Lunch… For someone who probably got on and did a little too much at times, Margaret Thatcher, was nothing if not determined. “Look at a [...]

Just get on with it!2014-02-27T09:52:48+00:00

Welcome to the future


Futurology is a tricky business. Looking ahead usually makes you look like an idealistic idiot or a state-the-obvious fool. Eventually though, progress usually finds a way. For years, there have been announcements about trials of [...]

Welcome to the future2014-02-27T09:53:05+00:00

Reaching Out


When John L. Grove retired after spending many years building the family crane manufacturing company into an industry leader, he and his wife set out on a cross-country trip. From that fateful trip emerged JLG [...]

Reaching Out2014-02-27T09:53:10+00:00

To Do List: Five Late Projects


1. Wembley Stadium FA owned ‘venue of legends’. Over ran by 5 years, true cost estimated at £975m. 2. Sydney Opera House Danish designed, performing arts centre and UNESCO World Heritage Site. Cost 15 times [...]

To Do List: Five Late Projects2014-02-27T09:53:22+00:00

‘Everyone can visualize a bicycle shed’


Best known for his adage, “Work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion” former 1950s civil servant, C. Northcote Parkinson, has passed into business folklore as a wry observer of corporate [...]

‘Everyone can visualize a bicycle shed’2014-02-27T09:53:41+00:00

Battery Care


Batteries are vital components of forklifts. To ensure that your forklifts run well, you need to ensure proper charging. Making certain that your batteries are charged according to the manufacturer’s recommendation will help them to [...]

Battery Care2014-02-27T09:53:48+00:00

Escape From The Cage


For anyone unfamiliar with the safety regulations regarding working at height, the HSE’s guidance notes restricting the use of forklift cages may seem fairly relaxed and upbeat. PM28 begins by pointing out it is not [...]

Escape From The Cage2014-02-27T09:54:22+00:00
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