West Yorkshire-based chemical manufacturer and distributor Airedale Chemical is a company focused on offering customers an uncompromising solutions package. Having control over the entire supply chain means they produce quality chemicals, delivering them promptly and efficiently.

Established in 1973, Airedale has enjoyed forty years of business – evolving from a small UK focused manufacturer of textile dyestuffs and related chemicals, into a multinational supplier of performance chemicals for a wide range of industries across the globe.

Efficiency of production, packaging and delivery is of utmost importance. Airedale has recently chosen to renew their contract with local forklift experts Windsor Materials Handling, extending their already well-established relationship for a further five years.

Now boasting a fleet of eight Komatsu forklifts operating on the company’s main site, it appears that productivity has never been smoother. Paul Lundy, Airedale’s Senior Warehouse Manager has expressed his great satisfaction saying: “Windsor’s level of service has been great. They understand what we need from the trucks. We have had minimal issues with the trucks but whenever we have they’ve been resolved straight away.”

Windsor prides itself on being a company who understand local business, and work to gain a greater understanding of customers’ needs. This is a prime example of the level of service Windsor provides, working closely with Airedale to tailor a package that reflects their business. In the thirty five years since its conception, Windsor has gained a reputation as an excellent family run company providing a personalised service approach.

The new Komatsu trucks will be used both inside and out and will help with loading freight, stacking, and general moving as well as aiding with production and distribution. Says Paul: “time really is of the essence in this business and truck reliability is vital”.

Producing close to fifty commodity chemicals on site means the operation at Airedale is vast and even now products are continually updated to meet current demand and cover a diverse range of industries; the new trucks reiterate their desire as a company to stay ahead of the game and to continue developing.

Airedale also represents China’s largest phosphoric acid manufacturer here in the UK and Ireland as distribution agents. Their UK storage facility boasts 13,000MT of capacity in total, giving Airedale the largest storage facility of phosphoric acid in the UK. The acid is shipped directly from the manufacturer to their purpose built storage tanks at Liverpool docks. This gives security over supply chain from manufacturer to customer allowing Airedale to retain its high level of service to the UK market, which they are very proud of.

Windsor service manager Paul Benton said “We understand that, like many, this industry is time sensitive, especially with the site operational 24 hours, four days a week. We know that it’s important to address issues as quick as possible. Once made aware of an issue we aim to get a fully trained engineer out to Airedale Chemical’s site within the hour. We take pride in the service we offer.’

Having a quality product alone isn’t always enough; being able to provide unparalleled service is just as important. “Obviously when you’re handling hazardous chemicals you need confidence in your equipment,” adds Paul Lundy. “Safety is of the utmost priority and that very much includes the safe handling of materials via our forklift fleet. Thankfully, we’re in very safe hands.”