Batteries are vital components of forklifts. To ensure that your forklifts run well, you need to ensure proper charging. Making certain that your batteries are charged according to the manufacturer’s recommendation will help them to last as long as possible.

When charging the battery keep the following facts in mind:

// Charge your forklift batteries only when necessary: It is advisable to put your batteries on charge only when the indicator on the battery says the remaining charge is 20 percent. Once it shows 20 percent charge, take out the battery and plug it into a charger.

// Don’t let batteries drain completely before charging: This is the best way to ensure your batteries’ long life. When the charge is completely drained, sulphate-crystals gradually build up on the electrodes reducing the batteries’ capacity.

// Make sure that the charging area is safe and spark free: It is better to keep the charging area safe from sparks and other sources of explosion as the charging process produces flammable gas like hydrogen.

// The charging rate of your forklift batteries varies depending on the usage. If you are using them frequently, you may need to charge them daily. Charge the battery until the LED light on your battery changes colour indicating that the battery is fully charged. Remove the charger only after the battery is fully charged.