Five data sets that on-board systems provide:

1.Trip and Data Recording

Date, time, journey duration, vehicle speed, RPM, journey departure and arrival time, driver name, driver ID and vehicle ID are all recorded.

2.Driving Violations

Directional impact sensing , overloading, excess idling, seat belt violation, overspeeding and over types of violations can be registered.

3.Customised Events

Customised events can also be added, such as daily checks, bonnet opening times, oil pressure, water temperature and battery management. Some management software can be configured to monitor any event.

4.Servicing and Licensing

Set reminders for your drivers re-test dates for multiple equipment licenses and your vehicles next service or examination.

5.Damage Management

Quickly identify who the good operators are and who requires training. Damage management identifies which forklifts have been in recent accidents, the force of impact and who was driving at the time.